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News Archive» April 2001

4/28/01 Busy Day in Waterbury

     Two structure fires in Waterbury displaced 18 people and injured 2 on Saturday. The first fire on Grove Street was contained to one bedroom due to a rapid response from companies training in the area. The second fire on Wyman Street came in as 'occupants trapped on upper floors'. Luckily, all the occupants escaped and did not need rescue. It did take 40 minutes to control the fire which caused extensive damage. One firefighter was injured from glass cutting through his gloves.

4/26/01 Brian Comerford Memorial

     On February 19, 2001, the City of Meriden CT Fire Department lost brother FireFighter Brian M. Comerford in an automobile accident. Brian was assigned to Truck Company 1 as a probationary firefighter and had served only six months.

     Because of his short time on the job, his family does not qualify for benefits. Our brother Brian left a wife and three children under the age of six. A tremendous strain has been placed upon the Comerford family. Please support the fundraising effort. Donations can be made to:

Brian M.Comerford Family Fund
c/o Jim Cosenza
177 Old Baldwin Avenue
Meriden, CT. 06450

     Fundraising Memorial T-Shirts and Helmet Stickers are available. Please visit Brian Comerford's memorial page for more information. It can be found in the Fallen Brothers section.

4/22/01 Explosion Rocks Waterbury

     An underground explosion rocked Waterbury yesterday, knocking out power and breaking windows downtown. A larger photo was added to the WFD Press Photo Gallery. Two more photos in the newspaper Sunday, added to the photo gallery.

4/22/01 Line of Duty Deaths - Indiana

     I would like to extend my condolences to the Maxwell, Rainey, and Pike County Emergency Medical Services families. EMT Bradley Maxwell, 22, and EMT Marsha Rainey, 44, of the Pike County Emergency Medical Serves, Indiana, were found murdered at their EMS building April 19, 2001. Bullets matching the shells casings found at the scene matched bullets found at the home of another EMT, who is being held without bail.

Bradley Maxwell 1978-2001 Marsha Rainey 1956-2001      Our sister Marsha left a husband, Richard, and 3 children, Amy, Joshua, and William. Donations can be made to the Jefferson Township Fire Department. I will be updating this with an address for donations.

4/19/01 Just a Few Items of Note

     No real news to report. I been busy with the website, though. I added 3 new affiliates: Custom Work, Fire, and Medi I also added a page of links to the past Archived News pages and added a link to it in the left hand navigation bar. News starts at the website's inception - October 2000.

     I also added 4 more memorial pages for some of the Line-of-Duty-Deaths that I do not have alot of pictures for. I figured people wouldn't see them if there was only an announcement in the Current News page that gets archived at the end of the month. Some of them I am already in contact with, and am waiting for photos to be sent to me. As soon as I update them I will make a note of it in the News. Check them out in Fallen Brothers.

     I would also like to send a Get Well Soon out to my friend and brother Waterbury FireFighter J.P. Dias. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy and he was admitted to ICU at Waterbury Hospital for 3 days this weekend for a 'small' heart attack. When his sick time and vacation time run out, we will be starting a list for guys to work or donate sick days. More info to follow.

4/15/01 Line of Duty Death - Florida

Brian Reed      I would like to extend my condolences to the Reed and West Manatee Fire and Rescue families. FireFighter/EMT Brian Reed, 39, of the West Manatee Fire and Rescue lost his life in an on duty accident Tuesday, April 10, 2001, while performing duties at his fire station. Brian died from injuries sustained from a twelve foot fall off of a ladder while changing a flourescent light in the apparatus bay of his fire station.

     Our brother Brian left a wife, Pamela, and two daughters, Donna, 10, and Elizabeth, 4. A Trust Fund has been set up for the Reed family. Donations can be made to:

The Brian Reed Memorial Fund
1st National Bank & Trust
5817 Manatee Avenue West
Bradenton, FL 34209

4/15/01 Line of Duty Death - Pennsylvania

     I would like to extend my condolences to the Murdick, Wilson, and Unionville Volunteer Fire Department families. Assistant Chief Anthony Murdick, 25, and FireFighter-Paramedic Scott Wilson, 25, of the Unionville Volunteer Fire Department Dive Team, PA, lost their lives Sunday, April 8, 2001, while trying to recover a submerged kayaker.

Anthony Murdick 1975-2001 Scott Wilson 1976-2001      Our brother Anthony left a fiancee, Beth, and a son, Talan. Our brother Scott left a wife, Tracy, and a son, Cole. A memorial fund has been set up at Citizens National Bank. Donations can be made to:

Unionville Volunteer Fire Department
Memorial Fund
Citizens National Bank
196 Clearview Circle
Butler, PA 16001

4/15/01 Busy, Busy, Happy Easter

     Sorry about the lack of updates. I have been working like crazy and with the holidays - whew. Anyways, I added a banner for the Litchfield VFD's fundraiser raffle. Click on the Blazin Raffle banner on the left column for more info and to purchase tickets online.

     I also added 3 more photos to the WFD Press Gallery.

     I also have added ALOT of fire department website links. I have been scouring the internet and am up to almost 2,000 departments. I had to break them down into a page for each state. Check it out - Department Websites.

     I also added the Missing Kids banner to the bottom of the page. It will take you to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

     I also have some more Line-of-Duty Death announcements, but I am putting together some photos and more information. I will post as soon as possible.

4/11/01 Line of Duty Death - Pottsville, AR

     Our deepest condolences to the Richter and Pottsville Volunteer Fire Department families. Brian Richter was killed Sunday April 8th, while enroute to his fire station. Brian died as a result of injuries sustained when he lost control of his personal vehicle and it overturned.

4/11/01 Missing

     I added the rotating banner from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to the bottom of the web pages. You can visit their website by clicking on the rotating banner or by clicking on the small image to the right.

4/11/01 Northeast Regional Extrication Competition

     The Northeast Regional Extrication Competition is being held July 13-15, 2001 at the Connecticut Fire Academy in Windsor Locks, CT. The event is sponsored by Upstate Extrications Technicans Inc. and is being hosted by the Connecticut Fire Academy. The event is an ICHIEFS Transportation Emergency Rescue Committee sanctioned event that is a pre-requisite for entry in the International Extrication Competition held in Burlington, Canada in September 2001. There is a limit of twenty teams who will participate in the two extrication scenarios. For more information visit:
Connecticut Fire Net and the
Transportation Emergency Rescue Committee.

Contacts are as follows:
Wally Byers (716) 833-9288 Team Registration
Bob Price (607) 652-3381 Competition Coordinator
Mark Lewandowski (860) 627-6363 x240

4/10/01 Wildland FireFighter Speaks Out

     National Geographic has a website about wildland firefighting. There is a video of a 52 year old wildland firefighter explaining why he still does it. Check it out at Fire Call (National Geographic). Thanks Tom.

4/7/01 Local 1339 Meeting

     Attention WFD members: Local 1339 Members Meeting Thursday, 4/12/01. 1900 Hours at Northside Firehouse. Nominations for vice-president, treasurer, and three exectutive board positions.

4/4/01 WFD Free List for Jeff Trota

     Attention WFD members: From department memo written by William Unwin E8-A.

     As you know Jeff Trota E8-A has undergone surgery to remove a cancerous mass from his colon on March 14th. The surgery was a success and doctors are expecting a full recovery. At this time, anyone interested in working for Jeff during his recovery period, please contact the Engine 8 officer on duty for available dates.

4/4/01 WFD Press Updated and Website Features

     MVA rollover - photo added to WFD Press photo gallery.

     Website was updated again. I removed static references for images and onsite webpages, so images and pages should load faster. I also added an About Us page. The page details the website's history and personal notes about myself. I am also in the final stages of getting an online store up and running here at for the Waterbury Fireman's Aid. I will post more on this later.

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