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News Archive» September 2001

9/30/01 Line of Duty Death - Blackman, FL

Line of Duty Death      Our condolences to the Woodward family and the Blackman, Florida Volunteer Fire Department. Captain Daniel Neil Woodward, 32, a 4 year veteran firefighter with the Blackman Volunteer Fire Department died Wednesday, September 26, 2001. Neil died of apparent cardiac arrest after a fire broke out in his home.

     For more news, information, and photos, please visit the Daniel Neil Woodward Memorial in the Fallen Brothers Section.

9/29/01 Photo Gallery Updated

     I attended a memorial mass honoring the victims of the terrorist attacks at Saint Patrick's Church in Waterbury today. The mass was attended by parishoners and members of the Waterbury Police and Fire Departments. I also participated in the 'Fill the Boot' collection for families of our fallen brothers in New York. Five photos were added to the 911 Tributes gallery.

9/28/01 Line of Duty Death - Lairdsville, NY

Line of Duty Death      Our condolences to the Golden family and the Lairdsville, New York Fire Department. FireFighter Bradley Golden, 18, a 1 month probationary member with the Lairdsville, NY Fire Department died Tuesday, September 25, 2001. Bradley died of smoke inhalation during a training exercise in Westmoreland. Two other firefighters were burned and injured in the drill.

     For more news, information, and photos, please visit the Bradley Golden Memorial in the Fallen Brothers Section.

9/28/01 Line of Duty Death - Bowie, MD

Line of Duty Death      Our condolences to the Kreitzer family and the Bowie, Maryland Volunteer Fire Department. FireFighter Clarence Kreitzer, 78, a 64 year veteran with the Bowie Volunteer Fire Department, died Monday, September 24, 2001. Clarence was providing specialized lighting services at the site of a tornado touchdown on a nearby University campus. Clarence was returning to his home from the fire station after the call when he collapsed apparently from cardiac arrest. He was transported to a hospital in Lanham where he expired shortly thereafter.

     For more news, information, and photos, please visit the Clarence Kreitzer Memorial in the Fallen Brothers Section.

9/27/01 FDNY Memorials and World Trade Center Photos

     I would just like to make mention that I intend to make memorial pages for all the firefighters who gave their lives in the Line of Duty on that fateful day of our nation, September 11, 2001. Due to the shear numbers involved, it is going to take a while. In the meantime, the Fire Department of New York has created a Memorial & Funeral page with all the information. Here is the link: FDNY Memorial & Funeral Information.

     I have put a lot of thought into posting some photos I took when I made the journey to ground zero to support the victims of this tragedy. Friends have told me that people who were unable to help onsite would like to see the photos. And that others may want to share their photos. Anyways, I decided to post them in the photo gallery. I went to New York on September 19, D-Day+8, and here are 16 photos from my World Trade Center Trip.

9/26/01 WFD Press Gallery Updated

     A benefit ziti dinner was held at the Ponte Club last night for Erin Gregoire, daughter of Mary Kenney, 25 years Fire Chief's Office. The dinner was arranged by Carmen Mallamaci, Pam Kennedy, and Chet Bennett. A very large turnout, a good time, and hopefully a lot of money was raised to benefit Erin's medical bills. Three photos were added to the WFD Press gallery.

9/25/01 FDNY 9-11 Stickers Available

Sticker Sale benefits 100% FDNY Widows & Orphans      I received an email from Captain Jim Turner, Pfizer FD, of Groton, CT with the following information. Sticker Sale benefits 50% FDNY & 50% NYPD Widows & Orphans Squad 41 Family Fund - PBA/UFA Widows & Orphans Fund - Sticker Sale. Benefiting The Families Of Missing Squad 41 Firefighters, FDNY Firefighters and NYPD Officers who responded to the World Trade Center Incident. This webpage and ordering information can be found by clicking on the sticker images or clicking here.

9/24/01 WFD Press Gallery Updated

     Two photos from an attic fire on Sunday, September 23, were added to the WFD Press photo gallery. The bell came in right at shift change for 26 Farmington Avenue - report of smoke in the building. E6, E10, E1, T1, T2, R9, and B1 responded.

9/23/01 Line of Duty Death - Stamford, CT

Line of Duty Death      Our condolences to the Miller family and the Stamford, Connecticut Fire Department. FireFighter William Miller Jr., 54, a veteran with the Stamford Fire Department, died Wednesday, September 19, 2001. William died from heart failure as a complication from Hepatitus C he was infected with in the line of duty.

     For more news, information, and photos, please visit the William Miller Jr. Memorial in the Fallen Brother Section.

9/22/01 Waterbury, CT FD and PD New York Relief Gallery

     Waterbury Fire and Police members delivered relief to New York in the form of city donations piled into 8 tractor trailers. I took part last week in an evening of skidding and shrink-wrapping the donations getting them ready for delivery. This morning we loaded them up, taped banners on the trucks and sent them down along with a busload of volunteers. There is a new photo gallery with 14 photos, please visit WFD and WPD New York Relief 9/22/01.

9/20/01 Waterbury Municipal Workers Blood Drive

     Waterbury's Acting Mayor, Sam Caligiuri, is appealing to municipal workers of Waterbury to respond to his sponsoring of a blood drive. The Red Cross blood drive will be held Tuesday, September 25, 1:45PM till 6PM, at the Aldermanic Chambers West at City Hall. If you plan on contributing, please call (800) 448-3543 or (203) 574-56712 to make an appointment.

9/18/01 Photo Gallery Updated

     The Immaculate Conception Church was filled to capacity today as students from Sacred Heart High School and Saint Mary's Grammar School, members of the Waterbury Fire and Police Departments, and Waterbury dignitaries honored the fallen victims and emergency workers that lost their lives in the terrorist attacks one week ago, today. Student representatives from both schools presented the Salvation Army with checks for money they raised. After the ceremony, doves were released above the crowd standing on the steps of the Immaculate. It was a wonderful tribute. I added 4 photos from the mass to the 911 Tributes photo gallery.

9/17/01 Sayville/FDNY Member still Missing at World Trade Center

     One of Sayville, New York, Fire Department member's, Rescue 2nd. Lt. Lincoln Quappe, also a member of FDNY Rescue 2 is listed as missing at the World Trade Center Twin Towers in Manhattan. September 11th - Responded to first alarm at the trade center before collapse of the twin towers. He is listed as missing. September 15th, Lincoln is still listed as missing. The commissioners, officers and members of Sayville Fire Department are praying for his safe return. Please visit the Sayville Fire Department website for more information.

9/17/01 Photo Galleries Updated

     I saw a story on the TV and had to see it for myself. Check out the new photo gallery 911 Tributes. This is only the first installment. I have more photos to add. This one depicts the Beacon Falls Hose Co. 1 fire station where they painted the American flag on their apron. I will also be adding some candlelight vigil photos.

     Another new photo gallery to check out is the Milford Muster 9/8/01 CTFFP and D Raffle. The Connecticut Firefighters Pipes and Drums conducted their raffle of an apparatus bar at the Milford, CT Muster on Saturday, September 8, 2001. Greg Hickox of Wolcott, CT was the winner. Please check the photos of the band and the raffle drawing.

9/16/01 Memorial Mass for NYC Victims and Rescue Workers

     Sacred Heart High School, Saint Mary's Grammar School and the Immaculate Conception Church will be conducting a mass for peace and remembrance for the victims and the rescue workers of the World Trade Center tragedy. The mass will take place at the Immaculate Conception Church on the Green in Waterbury, at 10AM on Tuesday, September 18, 2001.

     The Waterbury Fire Department has been invited to attend so that we might be able to pay tribute to our fallen brothers and sister firefighters and pray for the safety of the rescuers as they perform their most difficult mission. Anyone wishing to attend, please notify the Deputy Chief's Office, so that there is enough seating for our members. All members are requested to wear their Class-A uniform, and assemble at the church for 9:30AM.

9/15/01 Collection Efforts for New York

     The Red Cross and the Waterbury Fire Department organized a collection effort at the Brass Mills Mall in Waterbury, Friday. Waterbury residents along with local businesses turned out in droves to donate water, ready-to-eat foods, diapers, and other essential supplies.

     I myself was able to deliver a donation from I would like to thank Margie from for organizing and raising money from the employees and the owner. We were able to raise enough money to purchase 3 huge boxes of hard hats, gloves, goggles, safety glasses, dust masks, flashlights, and more.

9/14/01 Attention WFD Members Local 1339

     During these arbitration hearings for the City of Waterbury and the Waterbury Fire Department, I hope Marc Ryan and his colleagues of the state oversight board can take these words to heart as well as the editors of the Waterbury Republican-American. Please visit FireFighter John Keane - Letter to Editor. This letter is to be printed sometime during the week of September 16, 2001. Excellent job John.

9/13/01 Americans helping Americans

     What can you do to help? If you can donate blood, call 800-GIVE-LIFE or visit your nearest Red Cross Blood Center. If you cannot donate blood, or would like to make a monetary donation, a fund has been established by the I.A.F.F. and Checks or money orders (do not send cash) payable to the New York Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund can be sent to the following address:

New York Firefighters 9-11
Disaster Relief Fund

9658 Baltimore Ave - Suite 350
College Park, MD 20740

Click here to donate online      If you would like to donate online, a secure server that accepts credit cards can be found at If you use either fund, 100% of the money donated will go to the families of the fallen Fire and EMS personnel in New York.

     If you want to volunteer for the search and rescue efforts, the N.Y. State Emergency Management Office (SEMO) requests that you work through your county emergency management coordinator or your state emergency management office. Your department chief can direct you. But DO NOT head to these disaster areas on your own. Free-lancers and any volunteers not coordinated by the incident command system are more of a hinderance than a help in the affected areas.

9/12/01 America Under Attack

     America is under attack. As all of you know, terrorists hijacked several planes yesterday. Two planes crashed into the 110 story World Trade Center buildings, collapsing them both. A third building, 7 World Trade Center, collapsed after the the first two. Another plane was crashed into the Pentagon. A fourth was possibly thwarted from its target when it crashed into an empty field near Pittsburg. The death toll will be in the thousands. FDNY unofficially has over 200 unaccounted firefighters. NYPD also has unaccounted officers along with unaccounted EMS workers. More information will follow. Join me in saying a prayer for the thousands of families devestated by this tragedy.

9/11/01 Line of Duty Death - Port Townsend, WA

Line of Duty Death      Our condolences to the Marriott family and the Port Townsend, Washington Fire Department. FireFighter and Engineer Allan Marriott, 46, a 21 year veteran with the Port Townsend Fire Department died Saturday, September 8, 2001. Allan was responding to a working boat fire in the town's seaport during the 25th Annual Wooden Boat Festival. His crew had already stretched lines when they found out that it was merely a barbecue on the boat. Allan was operating the engine when he collapsed in cardiac arrest. EMT's onscene transported him to a hospital but were unable to revive him.

     For more news, information, and photos, please visit the Allan Marriott Memorial in the Fallen Brother Section.

9/10/01 Connecticut Firefighters Pipes and Drums Raffle Winner

     The Connecticut Firefighters Pipes and Drums concluded their fundraising raffle Saturday, September 8, at the Milford, CT Muster. Greg Hickox of Wolcott, CT was the winner of a bar similar to the one pictured here. The bar will be customized with his choice of text on the nose and delivered to his home. Congratulations Gary. Take a moment and visit the Connecticut Firefighters Pipes and Drums.

9/10/01 Waterbury Union Labor Workers Rally

     A rally for Watebury's Union Labor Workers was held Sunday, September 8, 2001. 800-1000 people attended while speakers from several unions and State Representative James Maloney addressed the crowd about how the local unions are being railroaded by the state oversight board that was introduced by Waterbury legislators. Hotdogs and beer were served while picket signs marched around Library Park on Sunday. The Connecticut Firefighters Pipes and Drums was in attendance and could be heard from blocks away. There is a photo gallery with 20 pictures submitted by Gregg Gyenzis and Pat Maloney, of the WFD, in the Waterbury Union Labor Workers Rally 9/9/01 photo gallery.

9/9/01 Attention WFD Members Local 1339

     The Waterbury Firemen's Aid Association, Inc. will be sponsoring a Hospitality Room at this years Annual Connecticut State Firefighters Convention at the Best Western Hotel in West Haven. The room will be available Friday September 14, 1900 hours and Saturday September 15, 1200 hours. This hospitality is exclusively for: ALL Waterbury Convention Delegates, members of the Waterbury Fire Department, and invited guests of your Aid Association Officers and Board of Directors.

9/8/01 Line of Duty Death - Cicero, IL

Line of Duty Death      Our condolences to the Augustyn family and the Cicero, Illinois Fire Department. Lieutenant Robert Augustyn, 57, a 33 year veteran with the Cicero Fire Department died Friday, September 7, 2001. Robert's engine company was returning from a minor motor vehicle accident on the Laramie Avenue bridge Thursday afternoon. He was spotting the apparatus for the driver with another firefighter as they backed the engine off the bridge, when Robert somehow slipped under the engine and was pinned. A truck company was dispatched and removed Robert with the use of air bags and extrication tools. He was airlifted to the Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood where he underwent surgery for pelvis and lower extremity injuries and internal bleeding. Robert survived the surgery but went into arrest and died early Friday morning.

     For more news, information, and photos, please visit the Robert Augustyn Memorial in the Fallen Brother Section.

9/7/01 WFD Local 1339 Awards Banquet 2000 & 2001

     The Waterbury Fire Department's Local 1339 Awards Banquet was held Thursday evening at the Ponte club in a full room. Department members were recognized and honored for their heroic action on and off duty in the last two years. The full list was rather long, I hope to add a page with all the honored members, but for now I will mention the FireFighter of the Year for 2000 and 2001. Lt. Thomas Meier was the 2000 FireFighter of the Year. He was nominated by FireFighter Kevin McDonald. Kevin passed away in October of 2000 in an off duty accident and received the 2001 FireFighter of the Year after being nominated by Assistant Chief James Trainor. Congratulations to everyone who was honored. I have added a photo gallery with 13 photos from the awards ceremony, please take a moment and visit WFD Local 1339 Awards Banquet 2000 & 2001.

9/5/01 Line of Duty Death - Poland, NY

Line of Duty Death      Our condolences to the Bennett family and the Kennedy, New York Fire Department. Fire Chief William Bennett, 49, a 15 year veteran of the Kennedy Fire Department, located in the town of Poland, New York, died Tuesday, September 4, 2001. William was driving a command vehicle, following an ambulance on a rescue call, when he was killed in a motor vehicle accident. There were heavy thunderstorms in the area at the time, but the cause of the accident is unknown.

     For more news, information, and photos, please visit the William Bennett Memorial in the Fallen Brother Section.

9/4/01 Line of Duty Death - Bitterroot National Forest, MT

Line of Duty Death      Our condolences to the Rendek family and the United States Forestry Service. FireFighter David Ray Rendek, 24, a 4 year veteran with the Bitterroot National Forest died Monday September 3, 2001. David was fighting a 5 acre wildland fire in southwestern Montana, when a falling tree struck and killed him.

     For more news, information, and photos, please visit the David Rendek Memorial in the Fallen Brother Section.

9/3/01 Congratulations to Richie and Cindy

Tubby Jr. Rich, Nathan and Cindy      Congratulations to WFD's Battalion Chief Rich Paltauf and his wife Cindy, who delivered a boy, Nathan Richard Paltauf, 7 pounds and 5 ounces, on August 31, 2001. I thought these would lighten up the news page after a terrible week of unfortunate line of duty deaths. So here are the baby pictures! Thanks for the photos Robin.

9/2/01 Attention WFD Members Local 1339

Erin Gregoire      There will be a Fundraiser Dinner for Erin Gregoire, daughter of Mary Kenney, 25 years Fire Chief's Office. The dinner will be Tuesday, September 25, 2001, 6:30-9:00PM at the Ponte Club on Farmwood Road in Waterbury. Ziti, Meatballs, Salad, Soda, CASH bar. For tickets, contact Carmen Mallamaci, Pam Kennedy, or Chet Bennet at the Fire Marshall's Office - (203) 597-3452. Donation $20.00

9/1/01 Attention WFD Members Local 1339

     RALLY TIME CHANGE - The City of Waterbury Workers Rally on Sunday, September 9, 2001 will start at 11AM at Library Park. Bring your friends, family, and any union members from any labor service and show how we feel about what the State Oversight Board is doing to us!

9/1/01 Line of Duty Death - Livingston, MT

Line of Duty Death      Our condolences to the Hernandez, Arovitx, and Krigbaum families as well as the United States Forestry Service and Columbia Helicopters, Inc. Pilot Richard Hernandez, 37, from Florida living in Lake Tahoe area; Co-Pilot Santi Arovitx, 28, from Oregon; and Crew Chief Kip Krigbaum, 45, from Idaho; were operating their Vertol 107 twin rotor helicopter over a ravine north of Yellowstone National Park, Friday, August 31, 2001, when it crashed, killing all three aboard.

     For more news, information, and photos, please visit the Montana Helicopter Crash Memorial in the Fallen Brother Section.

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