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Current News » John Izzi Status

7/13/02 Phone Contact: Jason Calabrese

     Jason called me last night to inform me that John is HOME. Unbelievably, 2 months to the day, John has returned home. He is getting around well and feeling good. He is taking visitors but please call before stopping by because John is out of the house quite a bit attending therapy.

7/5/02 Email Contact: Jason Calabrese

     John is progressing very nicely at Gaylord Hospital. His pelvis has improved to a point that he is able to put weight on his right leg. During therapy he is walking with a walker. He still needs a future operation on his left knee so he can't be completely weight bearing on both legs. Doctors are saying if his recovery continues at the pace he has been going he may be released in about 2 weeks. I spoke to John the other day and he is aware that everybody from the fire department has been working his shifts, he is very appreciative, and would like to thank everyone for their help.

6/17/02 Email Contact: Jason Calabrese

     John Izzi has been transferred to Gaylord Hospital as he continues his recovery. I visited with him on Saturday and his speech and memory continues to improve. He actually made a few comments that had me laughing. Sunday's fundraiser for his family was a huge success. The family would like to thank everyone for their participation and support.

6/11/02 Email Contact: Jason Calabrese

     John is now able to eat regular food for the first time since his accident. He is also now using a wheelchair for the first time. He is able to navigate the wheelchair by himself and he is no longer under any sedation at all. The family asks that all non-immediate family members refrain from visiting John until his doctors okay visitors. The family thanks everyone for their prayers and patience in waiting to see John.

6/6/02 Email Contact: Jason Calabrese

     As you all know John is back in Connecticut as of Tuesday afternoon June 4th. Wednesday morning Al Izzi and myself went to visit him. Physically he looked a lot better than when I first saw him down in South Carolina. He recognized me as I entered the room, and we were able to have a limited conversation with him. His nurse commented to me that he has made a remarkable recovery from where he was originally, but he has a lot of rehabilitation ahead of him. So while things are finally starting to look up please keep John in your prayers until he makes a full recovery.

6/4/02 Email Contact: Jason Calabrese

     John will be transported back Connecticut today. He has continued to improve a little bit each day since having the ventilator removed. At this point doctors seem to be optimistic that John will make a full recovery over time. Once he lands he will be taken to a hospital for a few days before he begins to rehab. Pray for a safe flight and contiuned improvement in John's climb towards a full recovery. Thank you.

6/1/02 Phone Contact: Jason Calabrese

     Jason informed me that John is out of intensive care and in a regular room. He is responding to his name and various questions even though his throat is still recovering from the ventilator tube. As long as John is in stable condition, they are planning on flying him to a local hospital on Tuesday.

6/1/02 Email Contact: Jason Calabrese

     Great news today about John! Doctors finally were able to take John off the ventilator, and John was able to whisper a few words. He was able to communicate to his family where he had pain and he also recognized everyone's face. He also has been able to sit up in a special chair for periods of time. His vitals remain strong, and most of his bruises and scrapes are almost healed. His family hopes to be able to transport him back home sometime in the next 5 days. Your prayers are appreciated, and your prayers help, please keep them up.

5/31/02 FireFighter John Izzi Benefit Party II

     There will be another benefit party for John Izzi of the WFD Engine 1 who was injured in a motorcycle accident in South Carolina two weeks ago. The benefit will be on Father's Day - Sunday June 16, 2002 12 Noon at the Ponte Club Pavillion, 380 Farmwood Road in Waterbury. Food, beer, and soda will be served and there will be horseshoes and entertainment for the kids. Donation for adults is $20 and $10 for kids 12 and under. For more information contact: Shawn Pace (T3-A), Pete Dubrowski (E11-C), Al Izzi (E1-B), or Ray Corbo (R9-D). Updates on John's condition can be found here.

5/30/02 Email Contact: Jason Calabrese

     John's condition continues to slowly but surely improve for the better. John is continuing to respond to verbal commands. Some of the commands include winking, wiggling his left or right toes, and shaking his head yes or no. Nurses were able to sit John upright in his bed for a short time while his family visited him. Doctors hope to take him completely off his ventilator by Friday. The family would once again like to thank everyone for their concern, support, and prayers.

5/29/02 Email Contact: Jason Calabrese

     John is still in critical condition in ICU, but I do have some good news to report. John is basically not in a coma anymore, but due to the severity of his injuries and the level of sedation that he is on, he is not able to speak at this time. He is however responding to commands, including putting his thumb up, wiggling his toes, and shaking his head. In the last 24 hours doctors were able to switch him to a lighter ventilator, and they are attempting to wean him off it completely without drastically altering his vital signs. Doctors are encouraged, but emphasize that John has a long way to go. Please continue to pray as it seems to have helped so far.

5/27/02 Email Contact: Jason Calabrese

     John's condition has remained relatively the same for the past 2 days. He is still responding to verbal commands, and doctors hope to still switch him to a lighter ventilator, but that hasn't happened yet. His family was deeply touched by the hugely successful fundraiser Saturday at Bobby Gaetano's house. They wanted me to thank everyone involved, and all that stopped by for your continued concern and support. They also asked me to remind everyone to keep up their prayers because John has a long road ahead of him.

5/25/02 Email Contact: Jason Calabrese

     Let me start by saying that when I call the ICU waiting room and John's younger brother Mark answers the phone 'Izzi Residence' that's a good sign. Today, John while still in a coma has been able to respond to verbal stimulus such as his name, being asked to open his eyes, and to put his thumb up. While he hasn't responded every time to these questions, it is very encouraging when he does. His vital signs have remained steady, and he has been running a slight fever on and off. Doctors are hoping to be able to switch him to a less powerful ventilator some time in the near future. Your prayers have been helping so please keep them up.

5/24/02 Email Contact: Jason Calabrese

     Today John took some positive steps forward. The swelling and pressure on his brain came down enough that doctors were able to start reducing the heavy sedation he has been under, as well as take him off of the paralytic drugs he was also on completely. All of his vitals signs have once again improved slightly, and for the third straight day he has encountered no major complications. He physical appearance is also on the mend as some of his superficial wounds have started to heal. Another small but important note is that during a respiratory procedure he began to cough. A personal oberservation I'd like to add is today was the first time since the accident when I called the ICU waiting room for an update and there was laughter at the other end of the phone. After experiencing the tension and pain in that waiting room first hand it was comforting to see that John's family was feeling at least a little sense of relief. Your prayers and support have helped John get to this point, so please keep them up because he is not out of the woods yet and he has a long road ahead of him.

5/22/02 Email Contact: Jason Calabrese

     John's overall condition pretty much stayed the same today, except there were no complications like in previous days. He did have more stability and slight improvement of his vital signs. All friends and family are invited to attend a benefit party for John on Saturday May, 25th beginning at 1PM and continuing through the night to be held at 105 Hawthorne Avenue in Waterbury (1st left off of Highland Avenue after the old Grid Iron). There will be food, beer, soda, entertainment, and a jumping castle for the kids. A donation of $20.00 for adults (kids are free) will be collected at the door with all of the proceeds going to the Izzi family to help defray the costs of staying in South Carolina until John is able to return home. Anyone who would like to donate food or supplies (especially tables and chairs) can contact Bobby G at 759-0501 or Chris Pesce at 597-0798.

5/19/02 Phone Contact: Jason Calabrese

     Jason called me today and told me they are still working out the bugs with the computer Danielle received. Till then he gave me a phone update. Not much news though, mostly the same. John is still in a coma in ICU. Doctors say the 5 day mark was a milestone. They moved him into a different bed and there is a small improvement in his vitals.

5/16/02 Email Contact: Danielle

     John is still in critical condition in ICU and in a coma, but there was a slight improvement in his condition today. Doctors were also able to increase the amount of nutrition they are giving John intravenously to the goal they had set for him. His vitals which have been at acceptable levels since the start of his hospitalization improved a little more today as well. The family would like to thank everyone for there continued concern, support, and prayers. The out-pouring of help has been a great comfort to the family and we're sure John as well.

5/16/02 Email Contact: Mark Izzi

     John has remained the same throughout the evening. His blood pressure is 135/63, heart rate is 65 and ceribral pressure is 88. He has a slight temperature of 100.8 degrees. Intracranial pressure today has gotten no higher than 25, but the nurse has been releasing the pressure and keeping it open while we are visiting because of all the stimulation. The main concern of the doctors is his brain injury.The doctors are highly sedating him to help keep him calm and give the brain time to heal. We just visited with the doctor and he says there is a big improvement from yesterday. We all must stay strong and keep praying for John. He is a fighter and I know he is going to make it.

5/15/02 Phone Contact: Jason Calabrese

     Jason called me tonight and let me know that John is still listed as critical but stable. He is still in a coma in ICU but he is receiving nutrition intravenously. A clear x-ray allowed the doctors to remove his neck brace. Jason also told me that the local fire department is going to provide John's sister with a laptop and that I should be receiving email updates tomorrow.

5/14/02 Phone Contact: Jason Calabrese

     Jason has informed me that the family has asked if I could provide an update service on the site in regards to John's condition as it changes. My email address was provided to the family and hopefully I will be able to post frequent updates. Jason's report as of Tuesday night was that John is in ICU listed as critical. His vital signs are good. Progressing slowly. Response from extremities is good.

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