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Letters to State Rep/Sen

     The email links below will open an email to the Representative or Senator you click on. Please feel free to use the sample form letters provided below the links. Just copy and paste the text into your email. Or you can download all the letters in a zip file by clicking here.

Waterbury Senators and Representatives

Email District 15 Senator Joan Hartley
Email District 16 Senator Stephen Somma

Email District 71 Representative Anthony D'Amelio
Email District 72 Representative Reginald Beamon
Email District 73 Representative Jeffrey Berger
Email District 74 Representative Mike Jarjura
Email District 75 Representative Thomas Conway

     For a complete list of all State Representatives and Senators follow these links:

Connecticut General Assembly Page

Connecticut Democratic Senators Contact List
Connecticut Republican Senators Contact List
Connecticut Democratic House Representatives Contact List
Connecticut Republican House Representatives Contact List

     Or you can download a text file with ALL Connecticut Representatives and Senators email addresses. Just copy and paste them into your email program. Download the email addresses by clicking here.

Letter from FireFighter Sample 1

     As a firefighter, I must often put myself at risk to help others. It is an inherent part of this calling. I am very concerned; however, about the risk "An Act Concerning the Issuance of Certain Bonds by the City of Waterbury" poses to organized labor.
     Please vote against the labor provisions of this bill, which would undermine the legitimate collective bargaining process so many workers rely on for representation in contract negotiation.


Letter from FireFighter Sample 2

     On average 100 US firefighters die in the line of duty each year. Each alarm is different bringing new risks, new challenges. Fire fighters rise to meet these challenges, again and again, to protect their communities. Don't they deserve the right of collective bargaining?
     Please vote against " An Act Concerning the Issuance of Certain Bonds by the City of Waterbury'. The labor provisions quickly deprive these civil servants of fair representation in collective bargaining.

     Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Letter from Waterbury Resident

     Waterbury is my home. Far from perfect and deep in debt, Waterbury needs strict oversight and direction, not state control. Our city workers need to be included in the solution, not penalized for choosing careers of service to others.
     Please vote against "An Act Concerning the Issuance of Certain Bonds by the City of Waterbury" as it is written. It simply gives the panel too much power.


Letter from Waterbury Resident FireFighter

     Some years ago my wife and I chose to make our home in Waterbury. As a resident and municipal employee I am appalled at the provisions of the Governor's take-over bill which would usurp the power of elected officials, and deprive workers of fair representation throughout contract negotiations. The City needs oversight and guidance; not an unaccountable state panel empowered to impose its will without input from the people.

     Please oppose this misguided legislation.


Letter 1

     I am writing to you to voice my emphatic opposition to the strong labor provisions of the Governor's proposed bill to bail out the City of Waterbury. As a civil servant, I work hard to meet the needs of the residents, and the City; and to support my family. I, indeed all city workers, want to help the City to rise out of this crisis. I believe this is best done through the collective bargaining process, in which the state, the city, and the workers can all be represented.

     Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Letter 2

     I respectfully ask that you vote against "An Act Concerning the Issuance of Certain Bonds by the City of Waterbury". As written, this bill's strong labor provisions undermine the collective bargaining process, creating a dangerous precedent for all unionized workers.
     I am proud of my service to the City of Waterbury, and want to help the City to recover from this financial difficulty. Please allow my fellow workers and I to help within the protection of the collective bargaining process.


Letter 3

     This letter seeks your assistance in opposing the strong labor provisions contained in the Governor's bill to bail out Waterbury. City workers want to be part of the solution to the City's financial problem. Please allow us to assist the City through the collective bargaining process.


Letter 4

     As a dedicated employee of the City of Waterbury, I am writing to you to ask that you oppose "An Act Concerning the Issuance of Certain Bonds by the City of Waterbury", as it is currently written. This bill would give the state panel the power to impose contracts on workers without the benefit of meaningful negotiation. Municipal employees want to help the City through this crisis. Please don't penalize us with this bill which quickly strips us of our representation in collective bargaining.

     Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Letter 5

     As I watch the news and read the paper about Waterbury's financial troubles, I grow increasingly concerned about the vagueness of the state's strong-armed take-over plan. I appreciate that the state must protect its financial stake in a bail out of the City. This need not, must not, be done by giving a state panel the overly broad powers to suspend an elected government, and to supercede the Municipal Employee Relations Act.

     Please oppose this ill-conceived legislation.


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